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Business Formation Services

Business Formation and Compliance

Assistance in creating the right business entity and obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Includes setting up a registered agent or virtual office and providing an operations agreement template for LLCs.

Included in All packages

Document Management and Workflow Optimization

Implementing a OneDrive folder system for document management and consulting on software and processes for task management, CRM, and scheduling, streamlining business operations.

Included in our Growth & Executive Packages

Legal and Contractual Templates

Providing templates for operations agreements, employment agreements (for employees and contractors), ensuring legal clarity and compliance in business operations.

Included in our Executive Package

Professional Digital Setup

Establishment of professional business email and securing a domain name, ensuring a strong online presence and communication channel for your business.


Included in our Growth & Executive Packages

Financial Setup and


Setting up payroll and tax accounts, along with bank meeting preparation and accounting software setup. Includes guidance on using accounting software effectively and categorizing income and expenses.

Included in our Growth & Executive Packages

Social Media and Online Presence

Assistance in setting up and optimizing social media accounts, crucial for brand visibility, customer engagement, and market expansion.

Included in our Executive Package

Consulting Services

Business Operations

Optimize your business processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We offer workflow management, operational strategy, and implementation of best practices for businesses at any growth stage.

Business Technology

Leverage technology for business growth. We guide in selecting and implementing tech solutions, digital transformation, data security, and staying competitive in the digital realm.

Law Office Managment

Enhance operational efficiency in legal practices. Our service focuses on case management, client relationships, compliance, and risk management, tailored for law firms and solo practitioners.


Develop and execute impactful marketing strategies. We provide expertise in brand positioning, digital marketing, market research, and social media engagement for businesses looking to strengthen their market presence.

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